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Weight Loss & Happiness 15 Week Course

COVID Training Update

Fujiwhara Personal Training is now performing 1-on-1 and group training outdoors.

So if you’re looking for a personal trainer to help with your health and fitness goals, contact me below.

Looking forward to chatting.

Looking For A Trusted, Mature and FUN Personal Trainer in Point Cook?

Searching for a fun, friendly, mature fitness trainer in Point Cook? Emma is the trainer locals trust most. With thousands of sessions and countless years of experience, you’ll easily get stronger, feel more powerful and transform who you are, fast.

Functional Strength

Using the Weck Method, you'll gain strength, lose body fat and improve your performance at the fastest rate known to man.

Performance & Power

Natural movement patterns and 'coiling' power to unleash the ultimate in performance, conditioning and power.


Transform yourself physically, mentally and emotionally as you grow stronger, coupled with an incredible self-confidence.

Fujiwhara Personal Training Point Cook Now Has The Evolt Body Scanner.

At Fujiwhara Personal Training, you now have access to a scientifically validated method for checking your body composition. Take the guess work out of knowing your muscle imbalances, muscle & fat percentages and nutrition requirements.

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  • Scan in Less Than 60 Seconds, Non-Evasive (Keep Your Clothes On)

    Receive a high level breakdown, including lean body mass, fat %, muscle imbalances, nutrition and so much more.

  • 30+ Measurements About Your Body.

    know everything about your body so your trainer can fine tune your training and nutriiton so it specifically suits you.

  • Scientifically Validated Body Composition Method

    Receive the same level of accuracy used in medicine and science to reveal your fitness levels and body composition.

  • Discover Your Muscle and Fat %

    Discover your fat and muscle percentage to scientifically know how well your training and diet is working.

  • Reveal Muscle Imbalances

    Reveals muscle imbalances that may be causing fatigue, pain and poor sleep.

  • Receive Results Instantly

    Reveals muscle immediately through the Evolt Active App.

The Point Cook Personal Trainer Who Makes Every Session Fun.

With variety, progression and fun workouts at each session, Fujiwhara Personal Training is here to make your sessions entertaining.


When being trained with the Weck method, each workout is naturally different and at the same time, progresses and conditions you.


With challenging workouts coupled with Emma’s friendly and caring nature, you’ll find each workout fun and enjoyable.


Each session is designed for progression. So after each workout, you’ll feel stronger, fitter, conditioned and more energetic. 

What Others Are Saying About Fujiwhara Personal Training Point Cook...

“I love coming here, it gives me a lot of energy and the variety is great!”

“…I’m a lot stronger and a bit more fitness and I feel like 10 years younger”

“…I’ve made a lot of progress, I’m now running outside more in terms of distance & speed”

“…I’ve stopped having back pains, shoulder pain and any kind of pain…I’ve increased my stamina”

“Every day and every session, it’s a challenge for me and I’m improving myself”

“…I have to thank Emma in the few months where she’s basically changed me…my energy levels have gone through the roof!”

“…tough but really good. Definitely feel stronger. Feel more stable in the all the exercises as well.”

Fujiwhara Personal Training Are The Only Qualified Weck Method Trainers In Australia.

Dynamic power, strength, improved athleticism, injury resilience. If you want to be among the first in Australia to see the training methods that are taking the MLB and the NFL by storm then come and see us at Fujiwhara Personal Training Point Cook.

Dynamic Power

Generate unbelievable power and perform better in any activity you do.

Athletic Capabilities

Feel fitter, look slimmer and experience your day filled with vibrant energy and endurance.

Injury & Pain Prevention

A strong, well-balanced and powerful body can prevent injuries and fix nagging pain.

What To Expect From Fujiwhara Personal Training Point Cook?

Workout Variety

Personal, customised & varied exercises at every session.

Tailored Fitness Programs

Program suited for your body, capabilities and constraints.

Constant Progression

Continual adjustments to challenge you to become stronger and a more physically capable person.

Never Boring

With different sessions, varied exercises and Emma’s fun personality, you can’t wait to come at each session.


Choosing Fujiwhara as your Point Cook Personal Trainer, you’ll enjoy super FUN workouts that gets results, fast.

Fujiwhara: The Point Cook Personal Trainer That Has All Your Needs Covered.

1-on-1 PT

Get the full attention of your point cook fitness trainer and receive the fastest results yor body can achieve.

Semi-Private PT

Workout with friends, family or like-minded people to achieve results in a group envirtonment.

Nutrition Support

Take your transformation to the next level. Receive personalised nutrition habits that'll change your life forever.

Sport Specific / Specialist Athlete Training

Are you an athlete or require sport specific training? We can advance your capabilities and make you into a better, faster, stronger and more agile athlete. Enquire below to find out more.

Fujiwhara Personal Training

65 Vaucluse Blvd, Point Cook VIC 3030

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